Position papers

The complete workshop proposal as submitted to CSCW2016 by the workshop organizers is available here: Where did my Office go? Is it in the Cloud!? – Workshop on Spatial and Social Connectedness in Virtual and Mediated Environments

Accepted position papers:

  • Jandy Luik – Collaborative Space and Circuit of Culture (.pdf)
  • Galena Kostoska et al. – Virtual Visit to the Louvre: Exploring Video Mediated Participation for Older Adults (.pdf)
  • Norah Abokhodair et al. – Spatial & Social Connectedness in the Arabian Gulf: How to connect when connection is forbidden (.pdf)
  • William Bares et al. – Film Ties: Collaborative Cinematography in the Social Web (.pdf)
  • Leif Handberg – Experiences From Presence Examples Useful In The Office Case (.pdf)